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Challenging the validity of a popular "Energy Industry Report"

Posted by Kelsey Gagner on Tue,Dec 20,2011 @ 10:48 AM

At WoodMaster, we have always taken pride in selling our product based on its own merit and our good reputation, along with a history of post-sale support and service. Dealer training is required, including a thorough certification process to assure product knowledge. We prefer the sales approach of “Why buy a WoodMaster” rather than “Why not buy a competitors’ product.”

Though, consumers are often deceived with negative sales approaches and misleading information.

For a number of years, a report titled “Energy Industry Comparison Report: Outdoor Wood Furnaces—a Comparison of the Top 10 Manufacturers” has made its way around the Internet. The fine print at the bottom of each page states, “For more information on this publication, contact the Pentwater Group, LLC at info@pentwatergroup.com.” In a recent report, this contact information was changed to Energy Research and Analytics.

A word of caution

In order for you to make a fully informed decision, I want to share a word of caution with you.

I have searched and reached out to this group and cannot find any information regarding their validity. I have been unsuccessful in trying to email their stated email address. It comes back undeliverable. I can only find one source for this report, and it is a manufacturer of one of these products. So, in turn, I emailed this company, since they seem to be the only ones who have the report, and requested data to back the findings and statements within. I have tried a minimum of three times to no avail. I would like to know, who the “Energy Industry” is, who the “Energy Research and Analytics Group” is and who commissioned this report? In my opinion, this is a biased report that has no data to back what they are saying. It seems to be solely speculation and opinion.

Customers deserve to know the truth

We care about customers, and we don’t want them to be misled. Of course each company is going to give its best sales pitch as to why its product is the right choice. That’s part of the process. And we welcome that challenge. However, releasing false information disguised to be from an unbiased, professional-sounding third party is another story.

I suggest consumers research the companies’ past performance, product longevity, customer testimonials, company reputation and future outlook.

Here are some questions to consider:

    • Has the company responded to new EPA rulings?

    • Does the company research and develop new and enhanced products to secure its future in the industry?

    • Will the company be here for the long-term to back what it sells?

WoodMaster warns, “Do your homework”

We encourage you to compare our products with others. Our business model is very customer- and technology-focused. We are passionate about what we do and about our quality products. If you ever have any comments or questions for us or about the industry, please ask (or simply comment here)!

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